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Once again, we bring to you a traditional Kabir song featuring one of India's most loved folk singer, Shri Mooralala Marwada, straight from Dholavira, Kutchh! We performed this song LIVE with villagers as our audience at Mooraji's home.
As translated by Vipul Rikhi and Shabnam Virmani, Kabir meditates on the fragility of our lives – like a necklace of pearls that will scatter, like a garden of flowers that will be grazed away, or a clay pot that will shatter one day.

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Lyrics: St. Kabir
Composition : Traditional
Music Produced by : Kartik Shah
Produced by : Suitcase Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Recorded Live with Zoom H6 recorders.

Vocals : Nirali Kartik, Mooralala Marwada
Guitar : Kartik Shah
Jodiya Pawa : Noor Mohammad Sodha
Ghado : Naaranbhai
Manjira :
Mix and Master : Akash Sawant

Cinematography : Pradyumansinh Solanki
Assistant DOP : Jaypalsinh Rajput
Colorist : Swapnil Patole ( Famous Studios)

Hiye kaaya mein bartan maati ro
Hiye dehi mein
Hiye kaaya mein bartan maati ro
Phooti jaase nahin kare ranako
Sahib hamko darr laage ek din ro

Ek hi din ro, ghadi palak ro
Nahin re bharoso ek hi pal ro
Sahib hamko darr laage ek din ro

Hiye kaaya mein maala motiyan ki
Tooti jaase doro roodho tan ko
Sahib hamko darr laage ek din ro

Kahat Kabira suno bhai saadho
Pehla hai naam alakh ro
Sahib hamko darr laage ek din ro

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