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Official Music Video for Traum
Releasedate: 7th of may 2012
"Somewhere in an isolated cell, in an abandoned research centre lies the frozen mutant body of biological researcher Dr. Drexkiy. The eclectic soundscapes of Mononoid, released by the self-activated Machine, awake Drexskiy and free the ill-fated scientist from the comforts of its embryonic room. A trail of mysterious slimy green fluids on the floor guides it through the bowels of the centre to the heart of the Machine's control room and a luminous marine lab with facilities for experimental protoplasmic analysis... Music:MONONOID (Andy Godderis & Igor Shumlyanskiy)
Video: Bouke Mekel,Alan Joseph,Zeona v/d Water,Igor Shumlyanskiy,Eva de Groot
Thanks to:Robert Jansen,Wouter Nijland,Elisabeth Pels